See You Soon

I was standing outside her door ready to knock. I used to knock this door cheerfully with no burden inside me at all, but this time was different. I took my time for seconds, then with all of my bravery I knocked weakly at it. I heard movements from inside, then the door was open. There she was standing by the door, I knew this day would come and I knew it would end up in tears. With no words came out from our mouth, we hugged each other instantly with tears flew down our faces. She said she hates goodbyes, me too, who doesn’t, I hate it so much, it doesn’t feel right, I was so sad. She said to me that it was more of a see you soon thing rather than goodbye. That was the sentence that I needed to hear, but still I didn’t know what to do, so I just sit on her chair with no words, cause there was something on my throat that hold my voice to come out, only nods, smile and sobs that came out of me. My other good friend went in and felt sad all of the sudden and drown with the sadness that lingered on the air around us. From there I went to the 3rd floor to my other friend’s room, when I arrived in front of her door, it was open, so I let myself in and found her still sleeping on her bed save and sound. I didn’t want to bother her, but I only had one hour left, so I hugged her and kissed her cheek softly and let my tears raced from my eyes once again, of course she woke up and hugged me back, she also cried and whispered in my ear that she would visit me in Jakarta, it made me nod without words and it was really comforting to hear. After that damp moment, I said goodbyes to all the friends I passed by. Everybody had been and always will be great.

I went for breakfast in Dining Hall for the very last time. I lost my appetite again, but I didn’t want to miss it, because like what I said it was my very last time. I tried to swallow hard all the food; I knew I need it because I was going to have a long flight to Jakarta, first I had to transit in Sydney, then continued another 7 hours flight from Sydney straight to Jakarta.The good thing is I’m happy I’ve got loads of new friends from other countries that really really nice, sweet and other good things that can be describe as awesome human beings.  From the Dinning Hall, I headed back to my room to get my things. I woke my roommate and we hugged and said goodbye with heavy hearted. My friends helped me with my luggage and then I hugged everybody and avoid the used goodbye word, instead I said: see you soon, it was far more comforting. One of my friends said it first, such a positive way to react and I accept that idea with all of my heart. See you soon……