Long Wednesday

Have you ever felt tired, satisfied, happy, sad, pissed off and excited in one day? I did. First thing first, in that beautiful morning when I arrived in front of my school gate, one of the 10th graders didn’t bring her headscarf, and guess what! So was I. Ok, she got scolded by that freakish teacher, and I acted so stupid, I was suppose to ignore him and got in to the building before he noticed, but instead of doing that bright act, I stopped and giving myself up dumbfounded in front of him, I tried to explain (lie) by saying that my veil was borrowed by my friend the other day, but he didn’t buy it, actually he didn’t hear it, he thought I was defending the 10th grader, he didn’t even notice anything missing from the view, but again I don’t understand what the hell was I thinking, I was confused by his reaction, so I stood there looking weird in front of him, but then suddenly someone pushed me and when I looked back, it was my other teacher, hmm unexpected, he looked annoyed as if he was trying to say “hurry up already, what are you doin standing there, he’s wasting your time, ignore him, he’s not exist darn it.” Then I walk in to my class. What a good way to open a day right?

I always look messy, with my hair jutting everywhere, sleepy eyes, sink with all of my stuffs crossing the school ground as if I never intend to go to school, well it’s actually true. But there’s one thing that gave colors on my aura that day, it was rugby. I already packed all my rugby equipments for the later night training, which I left it in my car, so I didn’t have to carry it everywhere with me. Ooo, maybe because I don’t want to left anything important for the rugby training, I was forgetting my headscarf instead. it was not important though no teacher care about it anyway. Ok, so I tried to make everything excited, because there’s something motivated me back then, but instead of feeling happy, what I felt is a very long lasting time that would never end, it was agonizing people. Thank god the school bell rang signified the end of the school time. I rushed my way out from the school with my fellow rugger, we share the same faith, because we both suffer from the so called rugby fever. We were using our smallest opportunity to practice in Simprug. We went to my car and got out from my car in Arteri, then we walked to her (my fellow rugger) house. I slept in her bedroom to recharge my energy for the night and let myself swam in my dream. When I woke up it was raining, so we waited for a little while longer cause we needed to walk to school again, to be picked up by our other friend to go to Simprug. We completely ignore the fact that we would be thirsty cause we were fasting. As long as we could make it to training, it was ok, whatever it takes. The rain stopped, we were making our way to school, and boy my bag was waaay too heavy, I didn’t know what was in that bag… Wait a minute maybe I accidentally put some food from my friend’s refrigerator, hmm no need to worry hahaha kidding, I actually didn’t bring any food or drink at all, then what? maybe it was my shoes. Is it made of heavy metals like iron, or maybe unknown matters that hasn’t been discovered yet, but someone put it in my shoes on purpose? ok stop imagining stuffs. Sorry it was not important, I just like to bring many things so I wouldn’t have to be a lost child without my minyak telon and stuffs :p. Anyway, as we arrived at school, there was too many people, even though it was already 5 p.m. Who cares right? All we care was food, we needed it for break fasting later that evening, then we decided to go to Circle K, and I got myself a mouth watering chicken salad sandwich and 1 1/5 L water, then when we went out from the market, our other friend already came so we picked up our bags and hopped in his car.

The great sound of Adzan reverberating in my friend’s car and ow how pleased I felt when the fresh water flew in my throat and the mouth watering sandwich filled my empty stomach. In Simprug we went to pray and went to the bench and waited until 7 p.m, then we started the training with playing rugby touch, we played touch longer then the usual, maybe to increased the stamina for the preparation of the Bali 10′s that will be held about 5 weeks from now, even though I’m not going. At first, I was a little disappointed with myself when I played, cause I lost a lot of times to touch my opponent, but I fixed that later on. I was happy cause we used full field, not only the half of it. After that we were practicing quick passed and stuffs, which I just realized that I was doing it wrong, cause I usually hugged the ball after I catch it and it made me hard to do the quick pass, even though there was one time (maybe more), I passed it good, but that’s it, I still unsatisfied. I know I have to work out on my passing. After we do lot of things, they started to practice ruck, but my friend and I passed that part cause we were the only girls that day, even though most of the guys said it was ok, but naw we just uncomfortable. Actually we really really really wanted to, but we decided to separate ourselves. We did a couple set of running and long passing (not really long actually) that will help our reflex when we’ve got the ball. We were accompanied by one of the guys. I did pretty good, well I love running, so… After that I asked to him to teach us how to do quick pass, then he taught us some tricks, and we tried it, it was my first time so I didn’t prevail it yet, but I kept trying and I’ve done better, even though, I still needed to work more on that. Maybe because I used to be wing, I solemnly did some quick passing, I just catch it and bring it to the try line and score tries, but I love doing loop though, I really like it. Well just see people I’ll improve my skill and everybody can stand still with awe because seeing me play hahahaha. But seriously I’ll do that. The training was over, it felt so fast. I’ve been waiting for the chance to train for long, but when I train it felt so fast, so I have to wait for the next training. I can’t come to practice every week cause I still have school for the next day.

We cleaned ourselves and waited for a while and used the little time for studying japan, cause we were going to have 2 tests for the next day. After that we went to my nemesis car, while we crossed the field I looked at the green grass and trying to mesmerized everything about it, even the smell of it, so it can always stays in my mind until I come again for another training…