Rugby is My Valentine

Yesterday was the annual commemoration day that celebrating love and affection called valentine’s day. Many people celebrate it with the people they love. Well I didn’t, I don’t care about that day, I don’t celebrate stuffs like that, but yesterday, I was actually spending the 14th of February by doing something that I love the most other then writing, with no doubt, it is playing rugby. It was almost 3 months I didn’t play it. I felt something was missing, actually the big part of me were. Thanks to today’s Maulid Nabi which means: school day off, I could play yesterday, I used it as the reason against my dad, so I could go practice. For the result he agreed as long as I’m healthy and happy… And I am.

Ok start from yesterday morning. I went to school as usual. Got myself out from the school early to finished my school assignment, picked up my sister from her school, argued with my brother so he could take me to Gandaria, met up with my fellow Bantengs then finally got myself standing on the sand at Senayan, the place where we played beach rugby yesterday. We arrived early, so we waited for others to come. When the clock strikes 7, we were all ready to play. We started play 4 against 4. I was really excited with everything, there was nothing in this world that could screw my mood, but there was something that really bothering me. Before I went to Senayan I ate my lunch at home and everything that I ate was really spicy, but I have no choice but to eat it, cause it was cooked for me. I have heart to appreciate the one who did the effort to stop me from starving, so with struggle and so much water to drink I finished my food, regardless from the after side effect. Anyway back to the sand field. I was having so much fun and I did my first try. It was awesome, I got the ball passed from my team mate and took it with me to the try line, and because from the corner sight of my eye I could see my opponents ran to me, I started to jump and dive with my hands stretched out in front of me and let it helped the ball landed on the try line. So beautifully, my stomach hit the sand field, it made my stomach so hurt and increased the contraction inside, which had already happened quite a long time since I had my lunch. So I lead my way to the bathroom and as I got there my stomach was doing just fine. Still with my full excited spirit I went back to the sand field, took a rest and drink for awhile, then I continued to play. As I play my stomach did it again, but this time I ignored it, I didn’t care I just wanted to play, I knew I got constipation, but what the hell, I’ve been waiting for that day for too long. I didn’t want to waste my time, because I knew I had to wait until April, after the national exam to be able to play again. So yea the pain in my stomach was coming and going as I played. For 3 months off without rugby, I was quite satisfied with myself yesterday, I did a couple more tries and I could do side step, which made me so happy. The other great thing with yesterday beach rugby was I could play with Banteng, my favorite rugby club and share the passion that we have in rugby… Well that’s that for yesterday’s valentine story. Looking forward for more great stuffs and see you guys for another incredible rugby. 😀


Sandy Monday

It was an ordinary monday. Me sitting in front of my laptop was enjoying the day, with the soft sound of my favorite songs filling my cold dark room, forcing me to keep myself locked unmoving right where I stayed. The weather outside even singing by the drizzle that giving monotonous tune with my songs. My heart, dancing slowly inside me. I had plan for that day, yes I did. I wanted to go to play beach rugby for later that night, which I didn’t know how to get there (Senayan).

Out of nowhere in my calm, but confusing situation my evil nemesis offered a ride to go to Senayan, I didn’t wanna missed anything involved with rugby, so I took that offer happily. On the way to Senayan, we picked up Ditya in her house then we went straight to our destination. I’ve been waiting to try this beach rugby ever since, cause I can’t stand to do nothing, it made me passive and it was bad for me. We got there on time before adzan. There were just the three of us. No one came yet and the lights were still off. I had never been there before or maybe I just never took any notice that there were sand fields on Senayan. I was so excited, so I put my bare feet on the surface of the sand one by one, It tingled my feet. It had been a while, since I played on the sand. I walked on it slowly like a baby learning how to walk, while my nemesis already running around with a ball and Ditya just stay outside the sand box. She couldn’t play that day cause she was not in a good condition, but I succeed to force her to get into the box with me. Not long, the others started to come, and this was the good part: at first we didn’t bring any rugby ball. Great huh? I was being dramatically sarcastic. Ok, so two of our friends were bringing the ball so we could play anyway. While waiting till the lights on, I was twirling around, singing and Ditya made a sand castle (at least that was what she meant to build.

Itwas still drizzle a little bit, I think it hold the others intention to come, but it was their lost, cause it turned out to be one hell of a night, even though we only played with one sight light. The light was bright though, so we didn’t mind. It was heavier to run on the sand than on the hard ground. In short times we all could be gasping for air and our heart galloping like one crazy horse. My feet felt like sinking in the sand and I have to pull it out and sink it again and pull it again and so on. We played rugby touch and there were 4 people in each team, but then there were more additions so it become 5 for each team. For the first team who got 5 tries won, then we stopped playing to take rest, and we started again for another round after a couple of minutes. It was exhausting and I didn’t know why people kept doing knock on like all the time, I guess we just couldn’t hold the oval ball correctly, because our mind was just messing up with us. After the second round we took a rest and when we looked at each other there were smoke vaporized from our bodies, cool right? It must be because the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of human bodies, which I don’t know why I’m starting to talk scientifically. Well, back to rugby. We played for the 3rd round and almost called it the last, because most of us couldn’t make it for another hour, but then there was one last-minute person who came and we intended to play for another half an hour, in the end we stopped for a very short 4th round, cause we just didn’t give our best efforts, we were too tired. To sum up I did 5 tries yeeeeiii, which the two of them I got it on purpose, I mean the other team just let me did it, still, I’m happy.

After we all hit the shower, we went to ‘sate khas senayan, but we didn’t actually eat there, we ate at ‘pedagang kaki lima’ instead. After we had been fulled, we went home. I was sleeping almost all the way. As I got home, I hit another shower then burst into my room and set it to the way I used too. Back hibernating till sahur with musics playing, bringing me into deep comfy sleep…