2 Out of 3

One year it has been for us to be separated and it only took one year for us to actually learn so much more than we could ever imagined. Indonesia, Japan and France, there are not close, not at all, but it seems distance doesn’t make the 3 of us grow apart cause we always keep in touch with each other and we also manage to comfort one another and to feel that we will always remain us.

We are the three musketeers that had been reunited on the field, the rugby fields, which make us believe, even until now that those places are sacred, cause we truly did find so many amazing and magical about those places. It always break our heart yet give us so much joy when we see the rugby fields. We are not playing the sport anymore for some reasons. Apparently we need each other.

This year I am so lucky to be able to actually meet one of the other musketeers who went to Japan for uni. I literally jumping and screaming when I saw her in front of my house. We called our day out as a date, we always do that. I heard so much of her experiences living abroad and I learn that she is too has learnt so many things about adulthood since the last time we met. Also from the other musketeer in France, she told me on the phone about so many things that I fond and excited about, but she has some other difficulties too that I believe she can get through it. For myself, I am beyond repair, I’ve learnt so many things and I took a risk that actually make me feel drowning into a quicksand and just simply suffocating in it.

Last Monday I went out again with Ima (the one who went to Japan). That time after we stroll around we decided to watch the Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club practice in Senayan on the hockey field. A little disappointed because we it didn’t take place in Simprug, the usual place they practice and the place where everything happened, the place where the three musketeers were born. We actually missed the smell of the grass and dirts on the field. There were no grass on the hockey field only a hard surface that I’m sure not a very pleasant place to fall onto. It didn’t look so much of the rugby sport if they weren’t any rugby ball to be played with. Ima and I sure enough though that there are some good explanations why the practice took place in there.

Well, other than the location we both always glad to see the Bantengs in practice, they somehow feel like our home, the home for us. There are so many changes and differences though, but it doesn’t change the fact that they treat each other as brother.

So overall Ima and I had a good day for remembering the old times, even it only took  2 out of 3 od us, at least we were better than none.


No End

We were sweating all over under the sun. We kept wiping our face with the small towel. The place we chose was satisfying, just like we imagined it would be. It’s perfect.

The place was at Arthayasa Stable, Jakarta. We went there to have a photo shoot for our the end of high school year book. My classmates chose this place. We were separate into groups and each group could decide their own theme. My group consisted of 5 people, 3 boys and 2 girls including me, we picked retro as our theme, because it was somehow epic, plus one of the guys in our group owned a vintage yellow Volkswagen Beattle, it suited our theme perfectly.

My group got the first photo shoot and we surely did take a while to call it as a wrap. We were making so much delay to the other groups. The photographers were our own schoolmates because they don’t have to be paid and they are all great photographers almost professionals, at least that’s what we think of them, but seriously they are great. For further information, the photos on this page aren’t theirs, the photos were all captured by my iphone, that’s why it’s not ‘that’ good. It seems we don’t get enough of ourselves, so after we got our session, some of us made another by ourselves, just for fun.

This one is from another group, they pretended to be equestrians for the photo shoot… Well, actually the guy on the left side is a real equestrians, the stable was actually his idea, the place he used to train.

This pretty girl is one of my closest best friends, we’ve spent 6 years together in the same school. She is the most creative person I’ve ever met, she can changes anything into something. She also great for being a master of ceremonies (MC). She has the ability to solve problems, many people share things to her, because she usually find the way out to whatever they’ve been through. What so great about her, she is a tough woman, the place where I lean on most  of the time. I’m proud for being her best friend.

I’m going to miss high school with my guts, sure I’ve been through so many tiring, stressing, horrible, upsetting things, but I’ve crossed it together with all of my friends, we’ve helped each other through thick and thin until we’ve reach our goal. Of course we had our sweet, happy, beautiful moments too, lots of it. We may have made it to the end of the high school, but there’s no end to the friendship we’ve built…

View From The Taxi Window

It was just another ordinary day, which I can’t remember when and I just got home from school by Blue Bird Taxi and suddenly the taxi had a difficulty to move making my ‘suppose’ to be half an hour ride into one and a half hour ride. No wonder it happened cause small flood was what happening outside the car. Well, we can never predict the traffic when it comes to Jakarta.

Hello Jakarta!

It was Sunday morning, I accompanied my dad to Bunderan HI. Taking some good photos and writing blogs are his new interests and I’m totally support it, plus I like to be everywhere with no reason, just to walk and see the new sides of places and scan the whole thing with my eyes, hoping to find something odd.

Another good look of Patung Selamat Datang.

Never knew it would be this crowded on the car free day on Jl. Sudirman and Jl. Thamrin in Central Jakarta… My bad, should have been going out more often.