Nice diving try!  Glad to be able to capture the moment.


Indonesia Vs China

The 2 nations just walked in to the field.

Playing and watching rugby are the 2 things that I love to do, specially when I got to support my country, Indonesia. I really like the atmosphere, the players, the crowds and the way they act. It was just so exciting. I’m glad that I could come and cheer for the Rhinos (Indonesian National Team), I was there the whole time, taking pictures, jumping around, sweating and of course yelling. Both team were great, it was satisfying to watch them played, even though in the end the Rhinos didn’t win, I’m still proud of them. The final score was 32-23, not an embarrassing defeat for Indonesia, I mean for the fact that China was one division higher the year before, it was great. For the result China faced Guam and Indonesia faced Pakistan for the finals. I really hope that the Rhinos will keep better and better for the upcoming years. Go Rhinos!


A5N Division 3 2011

This year the third division of Asian 5 Nations trophy has fallen to the hands of China. China beats Guam with 28-18 for the final score. The winning of China once again brought them back to the second division. The match was held in Pelita Harapan University Karawaci, Indonesia for 2 years in a row.

Who doesn’t love a shinny trophy?

The captain of China, Zhang Zhiqiang.