Jakarta Highland Gathering 2011

Just liking his style, acting so tough and cool, because he is. As if he was saying “Yea, I chopped all of that woods, what are you gonna do about it? now let me enjoy my drink in peace.”


From Kebaya to Kilt

Yes, the day had finally come… The graduation day, the final wrap of our high school life. We are glad that none of  us needed to be neglected, we are all have been graduated by now. One of the great things we got to do was wearing our traditional clothing and it was kebaya. Even though the ‘bustie’ (the thing that looks like a tight tube we wear to prevent our stomachs from peeping out) crushed my ribs and gave a hard time for half of the day, I still proud to wear it and for our own comfort, we don’t always have to wear ‘bustie’ when we wear kebaya, but ‘bustie’ is also a good stuff, because it helps us to always sit up straight, it is actually good for our backbone. Kebaya have more then one type, but the one we were wearing in the picture is called ‘brokat’, there’s one too called ‘encim’… So the day went by and I had to leave as fast as I could, because me and my dad had planned to go to the Jakarta Highland Gathering 2011 afterwards, so I went home, cleaned up myself, putted on my own costume for the occasion and rushed to Karawaci.

As I got there, most of the great shows had through, so i just got a glimpse of it, but it was still fun though. To be honest, I really love kilts, it’s so cool and Scottish, I have planned to buy it for next year, so I can be more absorb in the atmosphere.  I went to the event the year before, I went for it this year and absolutely will come next year…. What a day, what a day, it was so tiring and exciting, my day was filled with great cultures indeed.

Jakarta Rugby Series 2011

I went to the final of the Jakarta 15’s Series at British International School (BIS) to watch Jakarta Banteng against ISCI Komodos today… Well, actually it was yesterday.

At first the sun was shinning so bright, it tried to take the attention to every camera alive to snap at everything that strike directly by the sun itself, I was so excited even though my sweat was starting to flow and tickled my skin. I sat on a good spot under the tree with the others, the air just changed because the wind had blown perfectly to cool us off. And as the day gone by, the sun covered by the cloud and the day just turned cloudy. Anyway, talking about the game, when it started I hopped up and started to walk around, watching their every move behind the lens. I gotta admit it, it was tense, but also exciting. Banteng has improved a lot. They were far more better, a little bit emotional though, but… oh well, what could be more fun than watching a bunch of angry ruggers playing rugby. Just like a dog, who likes to play ball and hunt it as if it was its prey, I did the same thing when I watch rugby, minus the hunt thingy, because I could ruin the game if I interfere to the field, boy how I really love to see the rugby ball to fly around.

Or in other case, to see the human to fly around…

Great day, yes it was one hell of a day.

No End

We were sweating all over under the sun. We kept wiping our face with the small towel. The place we chose was satisfying, just like we imagined it would be. It’s perfect.

The place was at Arthayasa Stable, Jakarta. We went there to have a photo shoot for our the end of high school year book. My classmates chose this place. We were separate into groups and each group could decide their own theme. My group consisted of 5 people, 3 boys and 2 girls including me, we picked retro as our theme, because it was somehow epic, plus one of the guys in our group owned a vintage yellow Volkswagen Beattle, it suited our theme perfectly.

My group got the first photo shoot and we surely did take a while to call it as a wrap. We were making so much delay to the other groups. The photographers were our own schoolmates because they don’t have to be paid and they are all great photographers almost professionals, at least that’s what we think of them, but seriously they are great. For further information, the photos on this page aren’t theirs, the photos were all captured by my iphone, that’s why it’s not ‘that’ good. It seems we don’t get enough of ourselves, so after we got our session, some of us made another by ourselves, just for fun.

This one is from another group, they pretended to be equestrians for the photo shoot… Well, actually the guy on the left side is a real equestrians, the stable was actually his idea, the place he used to train.

This pretty girl is one of my closest best friends, we’ve spent 6 years together in the same school. She is the most creative person I’ve ever met, she can changes anything into something. She also great for being a master of ceremonies (MC). She has the ability to solve problems, many people share things to her, because she usually find the way out to whatever they’ve been through. What so great about her, she is a tough woman, the place where I lean on most  of the time. I’m proud for being her best friend.

I’m going to miss high school with my guts, sure I’ve been through so many tiring, stressing, horrible, upsetting things, but I’ve crossed it together with all of my friends, we’ve helped each other through thick and thin until we’ve reach our goal. Of course we had our sweet, happy, beautiful moments too, lots of it. We may have made it to the end of the high school, but there’s no end to the friendship we’ve built…

B 2514 BB

Every morning I laid my head on her lap, with my one ear pressed to her stomach, I could hear her stomach grumbled, while my other ear was listening to the sounds outside the car. I bended my legs, so I could fit between my mother and my brother. My dad sat next to our driver, read his newspaper and remained silent. I closed my eyes, trying to let myself to fall asleep. I wondered why my mother’s stomach always grumbled so loud, but that sound simply made me fell into a deep sleep and started to enter a serene state of dream until she woke me up and told me that we already arrived at my school.


He cried… He cried again. I never hit him, pinched him, kicked him or did any other things physically involved, I know what I did to him, I’ve always known, mentally I hurt him. He was only being a good brother to me, he didn’t want to fight back, he never did, even though he could, if he wanted to. He was far more bigger than I was, he could hit me to shut off my mouth for being such a horrible little sister, but again, he didn’t do it, because he didn’t want to hurt me even a bit. I was a bully back then to my brother, even when he started to cry and sat silently in the car next to our driver, I just sat on the back of the car with folded arms acting so tough… As the time goes by, my brother started to find his own way to cope with my behavior, he started to ignore me everytime I tried to torture him, for the result he had been succeeded, causing me to swallow my own bullet and just like that, the triumph was on his side along with my tears running down my face.


I touched the surface and peeled the skin, made my hand smelled tangy. When I finished, I put the orange one by one into my mouth, the water splashed as my teeth sunk in it. It was then flowing down to my throat, but the sour sweet taste stayed in my mouth. I like orange so much, specially when the sun blazing through. Even though I was in the car with air conditioner, I was sure I could feel the heat from the outside, that’s why I ate my oranges. When I was a kid I always do that and I can never enjoy them alone, so I offered it to my loyal driver, I couldn’t help myself to think him as the part of our family, he has been working for us around 13 years now. He was already an old man with wrinkly skin when he started to work for the first time. My driver may looks like an old man, but he owns the street in Jakarta, nobody wants to mess with him, they respect him.

Have anyone noticed that all of the stories above involve the same thing? It’s my car, my green Corona car that always take me everywhere for years. I have so many memories in it, but I have to let it go now, on the last day of high school, as if to sell my lovely green car is the first step to start my new life.  It’s so old, the inside skin started to flake off, the fill of the driver car seats has already exposed, the air conditioner doesn’t work properly anymore, the buttons to lock and unlock the car automatically are useless, the steer is far from smooth and so much trouble is going on in that car, but I love it, I have spent most of my life sitting on the back of the car in the traffic of Jakarta. Sometimes I slept, sang, ate, drank, open the barrier between the back of the car seat area and the car trunk, bullied my brother  and did many weird things in that car. I’m going to miss my green baby so much, the memories will remain forever of all the things, the tragedies and the people that ever breath in it…

Run and Shoot

On one weekend morning I went to the Ragunan Zoo with my dad because of his hobby. If you think his hobby is playing in the zoo or anything close of being an animal lover, you’re wrong. What he loves to do is to capture some moments and if you think it’s photography, well this time you’re right. My father usually spare his weekend morning wandering around Jakarta to shoot some scenery with his precious camera, so with no doubt he will attend on every intereseting event he can possibly encouters. I, on the other hand loves to write and have some adventures, so I came with him to the event, it’s called Jakarta Run Series 2011 that held at the Ragunan Zoo. Weeks earlier, I’m supposed to registrate myself on the 5K race, since I like to run, but I didn’t do it because of some reasons, but that doesn’t stop me from coming. I wanted to shoot some photos too (at least it made me looked like I had things to do), but I don’t have the proper camera like the one my dad has, I can always borrow my brother’s, but unfortunately on that day he used it for his Bandung trip. My dad told me I could use my point and shoot camera or as I called: pocket camera. My dad call it that way to make mine can be as cool as his, I brought it with me anyway, so I prepared all my gear and ready to shoot.

One of the interesting part to come on the running event is to see the crowd. They came from everywhere, wearing so many colorful shirts, people with differents ages. Honestly, I envy most the female runners who have lean bodies and long legs, not that I’m not thankful enough for having less than 155 cm height because it gives me some advantages too, but sometimes I just can’t see what’s going on, literally, other than that I’m totally fine with it.  There was also fun run going on back then with 2.5 Km distance and kids race, yes, there were so many cute kids, jumping and running around.

I’m so proud of myself because I was able to capture these 2 pictures above with a point and shoot camera.

Almost forgot, the reason why this event called Jakarta Race Series is because it was a series of running event. There were 4 of them and it is an every year event.

Good Morning

It has been awhile since I wrote my blog and I think it’s not good at all. Trust me, I have missed it so bad, so this morning I decided to post whatever I saw when I first opened my eyes in my bed.

It’s my window, very comforting it is.  The sunshine just managed to strike through it and simply did its work to wake me gently from my deep sleep. I opened my eyes and stayed, didn’t make any sudden move, afraid I would scared the peacefulness at my surroundings. I just laid there, grateful to be where I was and saw the shade of the trees and the twirling shape of my window barrier on my curtains. Then I stretched myself slowly and opened my curtains and somehow excited to see what has laid behind it, and it’s strange considering I always do the same thing everyday, yet I’m still thrilled to do it.

The sunlight was flooding without warning into my room. The grass and the trees looked so green with the golden touched – again, from the sun . They are all greeted me, I felt like I was in some kind of fairytale. Suddenly my excitement was overflow, it made me jumped off  my bed and started to twirl myself in my room (true story, I don’t make this stuff up).

I stopped after awhile and saw my bookless bookcase. I emptied the bookcase from all of my school books right after I got home from my school on the very last day of the national exam. It was really great, it felt like all my burdens had been lifted and it’s almost a month now I’ve been living without studying and with no school to attend. I rearranged my bookcase and put all my collection of things in a better look. My favorite are the rugby stuffs. I meant to collect rugby balls in all kind of sizes, but instead I’ve got the Australian rules football miniature and the American football ball from my best friends, because they couldn’t find rugby ball in the short amount of time, but surely I love it. Afterward I hopped my way out from my room and started to eat my breakfast, a nice nutritious one. What a great morning it was, I’m sure the rest of the day will be as good as the second I woke up, plus at the end of the day I’m going to go for rugby training, the think of it has already soothed me. Hope the nicest things happen to everyone. Have a nice day.

View From The Taxi Window

It was just another ordinary day, which I can’t remember when and I just got home from school by Blue Bird Taxi and suddenly the taxi had a difficulty to move making my ‘suppose’ to be half an hour ride into one and a half hour ride. No wonder it happened cause small flood was what happening outside the car. Well, we can never predict the traffic when it comes to Jakarta.

Free Spirit

I’m a girl with so many things to dream of, too much of things I guess, but from all of that, what I really want to do right now, this very second is laying on the high rooftop with my back press against the roof ground and let my eyes see the wonder of the night sky. Imagine all the eyes, the billion or maybe the infinite eyes of the sky sparkle and wink at me for a thousand times and lure me into the whole new world that I’ve been dreaming of. Better yet, I can lay down on the nature itself, feel the grass beneath me, the cool night air against my skin and hear the sound of the living creatures around me and somehow make myself unite with the surroundings and just flow with the wind. I am no saint, but I do want my heart to be purified, to feel nothing, but happiness and there’s no such words as sorrow, gloom, sadness, hatred, specially hatred in my heart. What’s with all of the people who like to mind other people business and proclaim ‘war’ between their selves. Why can’t they live in peace and live happily ever after, just like the thought of every human kids used to think? why can’t we think as an ignorant kid anymore, where the world only felt like an enormous play ground and everything that lay beyond us was nothing but exciting path to walk on? I don’t really know the answer, but maybe it’s because of the basic nature of the human being who really like a bit or so many violence to be added to their life. Aren’t those people think about others, about the effect that they bring out to the world. I am not naive, I know the world is cruel, it’s no secret anymore, everyone who ‘declared’ as a grown up  knows, but I also know that there are still so much kindness out there.

My brother once said that I am a free spirit, I have a different way of thinking through stuffs, sometimes I used to over think unimportant problem and it’s really bad for me. I really want to be free, to travel all over the world and crack all the mysteries of each places and I want to write everyday, every night before I sleep about my awesome adventure that I live on. Somehow I feel trap right now, I don’t really know what to do, I’m going to face final exams in days count, but I can’t seem to hold myself. I used to be a girl with high scores in every subject, I had to or I might cracked up, but now I’m no longer that hideous girl, I know what I want and what I want have nothing much to do with hard subjects, math or whatever I have studied in high school, like I said, I want to be free, but I also want to be remembered in positive ways. I gotta admit it, it’s really hard to always argue and fighting with myself between what I want and what I need, I know my priorities, but other side of me likes to deny it and try to break free, to just do all the fun stuffs. So what I really do right now is thinking I’m going to get out of this misery in less than two months, with that, I’m going to make the best out of me, be that hideous girl for a little while longer to make great, better yet legendary high scores on my high school certificate, because like it or not she is still the part of me, the part of me that loves perfection, so I’m not going to let myself down.  After I finished all of that I’m going to do all my crazy to do list and do all the things I feel important as I scheduled. But can someone help me somehow to take me somewhere to see the stars just for a night, so I can think clearly and find myself drown in the universe… Any idea where can I find that place?