A5N Division 3 2011

This year the third division of Asian 5 Nations trophy has fallen to the hands of China. China beats Guam with 28-18 for the final score. The winning of China once again brought them back to the second division. The match was held in Pelita Harapan University Karawaci, Indonesia for 2 years in a row.

Who doesn’t love a shinny trophy?

The captain of China, Zhang Zhiqiang.


The Woodchoppers




They swung the axes so fast, put a piece of strong wood board in the middle of the space they made and ‘hop’ they jumped onto the board and started to swing the axes, the next thing you know, you just wanted to scream “Timbeeeeer.”

From Kebaya to Kilt

Yes, the day had finally come… The graduation day, the final wrap of our high school life. We are glad that none of  us needed to be neglected, we are all have been graduated by now. One of the great things we got to do was wearing our traditional clothing and it was kebaya. Even though the ‘bustie’ (the thing that looks like a tight tube we wear to prevent our stomachs from peeping out) crushed my ribs and gave a hard time for half of the day, I still proud to wear it and for our own comfort, we don’t always have to wear ‘bustie’ when we wear kebaya, but ‘bustie’ is also a good stuff, because it helps us to always sit up straight, it is actually good for our backbone. Kebaya have more then one type, but the one we were wearing in the picture is called ‘brokat’, there’s one too called ‘encim’… So the day went by and I had to leave as fast as I could, because me and my dad had planned to go to the Jakarta Highland Gathering 2011 afterwards, so I went home, cleaned up myself, putted on my own costume for the occasion and rushed to Karawaci.

As I got there, most of the great shows had through, so i just got a glimpse of it, but it was still fun though. To be honest, I really love kilts, it’s so cool and Scottish, I have planned to buy it for next year, so I can be more absorb in the atmosphere.  I went to the event the year before, I went for it this year and absolutely will come next year…. What a day, what a day, it was so tiring and exciting, my day was filled with great cultures indeed.

Run and Shoot

On one weekend morning I went to the Ragunan Zoo with my dad because of his hobby. If you think his hobby is playing in the zoo or anything close of being an animal lover, you’re wrong. What he loves to do is to capture some moments and if you think it’s photography, well this time you’re right. My father usually spare his weekend morning wandering around Jakarta to shoot some scenery with his precious camera, so with no doubt he will attend on every intereseting event he can possibly encouters. I, on the other hand loves to write and have some adventures, so I came with him to the event, it’s called Jakarta Run Series 2011 that held at the Ragunan Zoo. Weeks earlier, I’m supposed to registrate myself on the 5K race, since I like to run, but I didn’t do it because of some reasons, but that doesn’t stop me from coming. I wanted to shoot some photos too (at least it made me looked like I had things to do), but I don’t have the proper camera like the one my dad has, I can always borrow my brother’s, but unfortunately on that day he used it for his Bandung trip. My dad told me I could use my point and shoot camera or as I called: pocket camera. My dad call it that way to make mine can be as cool as his, I brought it with me anyway, so I prepared all my gear and ready to shoot.

One of the interesting part to come on the running event is to see the crowd. They came from everywhere, wearing so many colorful shirts, people with differents ages. Honestly, I envy most the female runners who have lean bodies and long legs, not that I’m not thankful enough for having less than 155 cm height because it gives me some advantages too, but sometimes I just can’t see what’s going on, literally, other than that I’m totally fine with it.  There was also fun run going on back then with 2.5 Km distance and kids race, yes, there were so many cute kids, jumping and running around.

I’m so proud of myself because I was able to capture these 2 pictures above with a point and shoot camera.

Almost forgot, the reason why this event called Jakarta Race Series is because it was a series of running event. There were 4 of them and it is an every year event.