Hey everybody, I’m a 17 year old girl, well at least for now. The thing about me is I like to write (if not I wouldn’t make this blog in the first place)… As a person I consider myself as a very unique person… or not. The reason I say that, is because I really like do queer and weird stuffs, but also challenging and of course different, for example my other hobby is playing rugby… No it’s not weird, but it is, to some people who think rugby is not for girls, which there are loads of them in my surroundings, but who care… As long as I’m happy then why not. I also like to do stuffs that someone dare me to do it, I did wear different pair of shoes for my each foot and a large black plastic bag to a mall and I just walked around with my ‘also crazy’ cousin with everyone stared and laughed at us. Those kind of attentions that make people happy, actually awakes me, make me feel alive and give me happiness, I’m glad to make people laugh… About my writing, it was all started when I was in kindergarten. My dad used to read me bed time stories, just like any other kid, but the difference was my dad didn’t read me normal books, like any other parents. He read me two of the most amazing books that ever been written on this earth, and there were the Hobbits and The Lord of The rings. Maybe those two are normal books for bed time stories, but not in my country. I live in Indonesia, our first language is Bahasa Indonesia, not English and not everyone can speak English, even if they do understand, I’m not sure they can use it for the basic thing like speaking. So if any of you find any flaw in my writings it’s because I’m still learning, I’m eager to do it. Thankfully my dad can speak fluent English, and he has been teaching me by sometimes speak in English, that’s how I learn… And the other thing about me is I’m forever young, I never grow old, my heart is ten and it’s always going to stay the same… 😀


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