Pakistan Vs Guam

The rugby match between Pakistan and Guam on the first day of the 2011 A5N division 3.

Guam won against Pakistan and automatically send Guam to the final against China for 1st and 2nd place.


A5N Division 3 2011

This year the third division of Asian 5 Nations trophy has fallen to the hands of China. China beats Guam with 28-18 for the final score. The winning of China once again brought them back to the second division. The match was held in Pelita Harapan University Karawaci, Indonesia for 2 years in a row.

Who doesn’t love a shinny trophy?

The captain of China, Zhang Zhiqiang.

You Smile, I Smile

He simply makes me smile. Don’t you just love his eyes? I captured this photo at Karawaci, Indonesia. This baby was there to watch his father played rugby for the Indonesian national team selection trial match. There’s no word to explain his cuteness.

From Kebaya to Kilt

Yes, the day had finally come… The graduation day, the final wrap of our high school life. We are glad that none of  us needed to be neglected, we are all have been graduated by now. One of the great things we got to do was wearing our traditional clothing and it was kebaya. Even though the ‘bustie’ (the thing that looks like a tight tube we wear to prevent our stomachs from peeping out) crushed my ribs and gave a hard time for half of the day, I still proud to wear it and for our own comfort, we don’t always have to wear ‘bustie’ when we wear kebaya, but ‘bustie’ is also a good stuff, because it helps us to always sit up straight, it is actually good for our backbone. Kebaya have more then one type, but the one we were wearing in the picture is called ‘brokat’, there’s one too called ‘encim’… So the day went by and I had to leave as fast as I could, because me and my dad had planned to go to the Jakarta Highland Gathering 2011 afterwards, so I went home, cleaned up myself, putted on my own costume for the occasion and rushed to Karawaci.

As I got there, most of the great shows had through, so i just got a glimpse of it, but it was still fun though. To be honest, I really love kilts, it’s so cool and Scottish, I have planned to buy it for next year, so I can be more absorb in the atmosphere.  I went to the event the year before, I went for it this year and absolutely will come next year…. What a day, what a day, it was so tiring and exciting, my day was filled with great cultures indeed.

Jakarta Rugby Series 2011

I went to the final of the Jakarta 15’s Series at British International School (BIS) to watch Jakarta Banteng against ISCI Komodos today… Well, actually it was yesterday.

At first the sun was shinning so bright, it tried to take the attention to every camera alive to snap at everything that strike directly by the sun itself, I was so excited even though my sweat was starting to flow and tickled my skin. I sat on a good spot under the tree with the others, the air just changed because the wind had blown perfectly to cool us off. And as the day gone by, the sun covered by the cloud and the day just turned cloudy. Anyway, talking about the game, when it started I hopped up and started to walk around, watching their every move behind the lens. I gotta admit it, it was tense, but also exciting. Banteng has improved a lot. They were far more better, a little bit emotional though, but… oh well, what could be more fun than watching a bunch of angry ruggers playing rugby. Just like a dog, who likes to play ball and hunt it as if it was its prey, I did the same thing when I watch rugby, minus the hunt thingy, because I could ruin the game if I interfere to the field, boy how I really love to see the rugby ball to fly around.

Or in other case, to see the human to fly around…

Great day, yes it was one hell of a day.