Good Morning

It has been awhile since I wrote my blog and I think it’s not good at all. Trust me, I have missed it so bad, so this morning I decided to post whatever I saw when I first opened my eyes in my bed.

It’s my window, very comforting it is.  The sunshine just managed to strike through it and simply did its work to wake me gently from my deep sleep. I opened my eyes and stayed, didn’t make any sudden move, afraid I would scared the peacefulness at my surroundings. I just laid there, grateful to be where I was and saw the shade of the trees and the twirling shape of my window barrier on my curtains. Then I stretched myself slowly and opened my curtains and somehow excited to see what has laid behind it, and it’s strange considering I always do the same thing everyday, yet I’m still thrilled to do it.

The sunlight was flooding without warning into my room. The grass and the trees looked so green with the golden touched – again, from the sun . They are all greeted me, I felt like I was in some kind of fairytale. Suddenly my excitement was overflow, it made me jumped off  my bed and started to twirl myself in my room (true story, I don’t make this stuff up).

I stopped after awhile and saw my bookless bookcase. I emptied the bookcase from all of my school books right after I got home from my school on the very last day of the national exam. It was really great, it felt like all my burdens had been lifted and it’s almost a month now I’ve been living without studying and with no school to attend. I rearranged my bookcase and put all my collection of things in a better look. My favorite are the rugby stuffs. I meant to collect rugby balls in all kind of sizes, but instead I’ve got the Australian rules football miniature and the American football ball from my best friends, because they couldn’t find rugby ball in the short amount of time, but surely I love it. Afterward I hopped my way out from my room and started to eat my breakfast, a nice nutritious one. What a great morning it was, I’m sure the rest of the day will be as good as the second I woke up, plus at the end of the day I’m going to go for rugby training, the think of it has already soothed me. Hope the nicest things happen to everyone. Have a nice day.


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