Daddy’s Lil’ Girl

In the darkest day of my life the hands always come
It brighten up my days, washed out all of my sorrow
I fell, you were there
I cried, you were there
I don’t want this to change a thing
Cause I always be your lil’ girl

When the lightning struck, you comfort me
I used to run to you when I’m scared in the middle of the night
Dad, you’re my hero

I want my hands to always fit yours
as your lil’ girl
Growing up I am, see your eyes looking at me
it’s hoping that I always be your little girl
I don’t want to see the worries in it
Only smile, I look forward to see

Daddy I’m not going anywhere
Cause it’s just you and me against the world

Photos by: My dad

Ps: The adorable boy is my big brother that I’ve been growing up with…


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