Tick Tock

Here’s something that I wrote this morning when time suddenly did something that it doesn’t usually do, it was actually slowing down for awhile. Enjoy…

I am sitting in the class room and writing this blog on my question sheet. I’m bored and so are the rest of the class. Everybody has finished early, but we cannot get out from the class yet, we need to wait until the bell rings. From my point of view (literally), all the students in my class room seem really smart, what I see from my seat, which is from the back corner of the room are heads glued on the table with eyes shut close with their blank faces, dream about something that no one knows. I tried to do that too, but it just wouldn’t work, specially because I have this annoying toothache that I’ve got-not because of my lack of neatness, but because of my frequently, too often about how many times I brush my teeth every day. Hmm on holiday I usually brush my teeth every time I got a bite of any food, but it turns out that my teeth are very sensitive, so I think the chemicals in the toothpaste made a hole or holes on my tooth. The truth is, I don’t know exactly what the cause of the pain came from, I just haven’t got enough time to take myself to the dentist, I’m too busy studying (I wish, or so what I thought). But I didn’t lie about brushing my teeth all the times. From all of that, I’m going to make sure that this evening I’m going to the dentist because the pain is starting to feel unbearably painful.

Anyway, back to the class. The reason why all my class mates fall asleep is maybe because the subject of the try out test that we do is English, but wait… Sometimes we also finished math, physics, biology and chemistry in a small amount of times, but it’s all because of a completely different reason as when we do English test, it’s because our level of understanding in the subjects are the opposite from what we understand (I’m sure enough) in English, so instead of making meaningless scrap on the paper, some of the students prefer to answer it fast without thinking, specially because most of the time the try out test are multiple choice tests. O yea, I forgot to tell you that now we’re doing a try out for the final exam, given by the government. The final exam is going to be held on April, which I know, the time will be sprinting in front of my eyes and turned all the moment into dust, just like it has done to my half or maybe quarter of my youth (since I’m still in the process of growing up, actually everybody does). We are all growing up right, because everyday we are learning something new and interesting, that’s why everything means a lot. Every second of our life are important…


See You Soon

I was standing outside her door ready to knock. I used to knock this door cheerfully with no burden inside me at all, but this time was different. I took my time for seconds, then with all of my bravery I knocked weakly at it. I heard movements from inside, then the door was open. There she was standing by the door, I knew this day would come and I knew it would end up in tears. With no words came out from our mouth, we hugged each other instantly with tears flew down our faces. She said she hates goodbyes, me too, who doesn’t, I hate it so much, it doesn’t feel right, I was so sad. She said to me that it was more of a see you soon thing rather than goodbye. That was the sentence that I needed to hear, but still I didn’t know what to do, so I just sit on her chair with no words, cause there was something on my throat that hold my voice to come out, only nods, smile and sobs that came out of me. My other good friend went in and felt sad all of the sudden and drown with the sadness that lingered on the air around us. From there I went to the 3rd floor to my other friend’s room, when I arrived in front of her door, it was open, so I let myself in and found her still sleeping on her bed save and sound. I didn’t want to bother her, but I only had one hour left, so I hugged her and kissed her cheek softly and let my tears raced from my eyes once again, of course she woke up and hugged me back, she also cried and whispered in my ear that she would visit me in Jakarta, it made me nod without words and it was really comforting to hear. After that damp moment, I said goodbyes to all the friends I passed by. Everybody had been and always will be great.

I went for breakfast in Dining Hall for the very last time. I lost my appetite again, but I didn’t want to miss it, because like what I said it was my very last time. I tried to swallow hard all the food; I knew I need it because I was going to have a long flight to Jakarta, first I had to transit in Sydney, then continued another 7 hours flight from Sydney straight to Jakarta.The good thing is I’m happy I’ve got loads of new friends from other countries that really really nice, sweet and other good things that can be describe as awesome human beings.  From the Dinning Hall, I headed back to my room to get my things. I woke my roommate and we hugged and said goodbye with heavy hearted. My friends helped me with my luggage and then I hugged everybody and avoid the used goodbye word, instead I said: see you soon, it was far more comforting. One of my friends said it first, such a positive way to react and I accept that idea with all of my heart. See you soon……

Hot and Cold

18th of December was the last full day I had in the summer school. That day we didn’t have any lecture or project anymore. We packed our things and made sure that we didn’t leave anything left behind. For the lunch our mentor took us for Japanese food and continued to Max Brenner. It was raining, so hot chocolate was the perfect drink for us. After that, we went for shopping and got back to Trinity, to enjoy our last day. Some of us according me spent our whole night in the basement, usually we weren’t allowed to be in the basement after our curfew, but it was our last night and we clearly didn’t want to miss our togetherness for the last time. We all fell asleep, even though around 5 I moved to my room, because I was freezing. On the way to my room, I met my mentor, and he walked me to the building and said goodbye, because he wasn’t sure that he would meet me in the morning. He was right, it was the last time I saw him. It has been great knowing him and the rest of the summer school people. After that, I didn’t get any sleep anymore, my eyes were wide opened until my time was up…


I didn’t know, why time had been moving so fast, it felt like we had just arrived in Trinity for a day, then suddenly we had to go back to our ordinary life and leave the summer school in small amount of time. 17th of December was the d-day. It was the presentation day of our leadership projects. From all the hard work that we had been through to prepare and be prepared for the presentation was going to pay off with the satisfaction and relieve. We were all pretty nervous of what was going to happen and end up for that day. This day was the last day of our lectures, yep we still had to do our lectures, math and science trivia, right before the presentation, hmm what a nice work to put our nervousness in delay, and we sure felt really calm in waiting, it was so calming it gave butterflies in our stomachs that made us wanted to squeeze ourselves as tiny as it could be, well I didn’t really felt that, cause I believed my team, Team Sam, had done pretty well on our preparation and with no doubt, for two weeks of togetherness we did it. All the teams were great. Just imagine before we came to the summer school, we were completely clueless about what was going to happen, but then for only two weeks we spend together we could make such team works that produce so many ideas, or even hidden talents that we may or may not know before.

For the closing, we had Valedictory dinner. We had to wear formal clothes because it was a formal dinner after all. It was a perfect way to end the two weeks summer school, even though we still had one or two days left, but still, it was our last day for the lectures and the leadership project. That night, everybody had to come on time because if we weren’t, it would be disrespectful for the deans and all the important people who would sit with us on the tables in the Dining Hall. Thankfully we all came on time. There were speeches, announcements and performs that filled the night. Two friends of ours had been chosen to deliver speeches about their impression for the summer school and they did wonderful, their words were very touching and sweet and those words were really described what we felt and really happened that past 2 weeks. It made me felt sad; because I’m sure I wanted to stay for another couple of days or maybe a month or more. To our surprised there were also announcements of some nominations that dedicate to the participants for the things that they did during the lat two weeks. Other thing was the announcement for the leadership cup; the winner was the team with the highest score from some activities that we had been through. Maybe we didn’t get the leadership cup, but it didn’t mean we weren’t the best team exist, we surely thankful to be gathered by faith in this team and shared good memories that we will never ever forget, not even in a billion years, better yet in infinity and beyond years, well long story short until the day we die. For that, we are the best team in our own hearts. And in the end of the dinner all the participants received their certificate and a photo of YLSS 2010. O yea almost forgot, I want to tell you what we had for dinner, it was really mouth-watering I warn you. Ok, what we had for dinner were Caesar salad platter with avocado and asparagus for the entry, seared blue eye with asian greens, potato, rosti and lemon beurre blanc or roasted free range chicken breast with lemon and oregano served with oriental cous cous  for the main courses, and the last, but not least were chocolate mousse, pavlova and lemon slices for the dessert. Yum right 😉

Of course there would be something missing without the after party, so guess what! There was an after party. The mentors decorated the JCR to look like a club, so we  dance our guts out all through the night and for sure, that’s the right way to end the night…

Achy Breaky Heart

Finally after we already knew the base things about robot, we actually tried to give real orders to it from the computer, it was a good experience, even though I’m not into robot that much, but at least I didn’t leave with any regretful feeling, it was good to try. The next thing was genetics workshop, I liked it, and it made me feel like I was in one of the CSI cases. We were all wearing the laboratory coats for one of the safety regulations. What we actually did was investigating a forensic DNA fingerprint, observing nuclei in human cheek epithelial cell, observing metaphase chromosomes from Chinese hamster cells, isolation of human genomic DNA and Isolation of green fluorescent protein (GFP) from Escherichia coli. We could take our DNA sample and the GFP in tubes with us, so I did and I still have it until now… Crown cinema night was the next thing we did, but before that, me and my other two friends got in to a very small photo box and squeezed ourselves to fit in. Gosh I really miss you guys. I’m glad we went for the photo box, I really like the result; so sweet, even though it clearly looks like we compelled our faces as hard as it can to be appeared on the camera. After that we went for a dance head box, I didn’t have to describe it, cause I’ll post the result later. Girl when you’re reading this, mark my words: don’t break my achy breaky heart 😉 hahaha. Barbie and Ken I always have you guys in my heart…

Right before we went to the movie to watch Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader 3D, we played laser tag. We were separate into 3 groups; red, green and blue. I was in the green team. In the game my name was Hellfire hahaha. I did pretty well for a first timer. I like it, I wished it could be a lil’ while longer though. After laser tag, we went to watch the movie. I’m not going to talk about the movie, but it was fun, because one of my friends kept making jokes out of it, so yea I enjoyed it with full of laughter.

Tanah Airku Tidak Kulupakan

It was 14th of December and IMAX session was the first thing on our time-table. It’s located at the Melbourne museum and claimed as Melbourne’s 3rd largest screen. We watched Forces of Nature and Hubble 3D. The next thing was lunch, and then we went to NICA for circus training. It was so great; I mean I had never imagined that I would actually do that. I always love circus, and I think circus life is pretty amazing, they all look really happy with what they’re doing, I wish I can do that with my life…When I stepped in to the training studio, it filled with mattresses, trapezes, trampoline, the long tissue thing that made to be climbed and hula hoops. I was kind of hoping that the place would be more like the real circus place, the one I used to watch, the dim space with the spotlight on the circus people who gives a magical impression, but again, it was just my imagination. We started with a very fun warmed up, and then we continued with the training, using the things that I told before. I liked circus, everything about it are so great, the people, the activities, even the surroundings filled the air with excitement… For the night we went out to eat American foods at Misty’s Diner.

The next day we had science excursion, Beyond High school lecture followed with the leadership project and cultural night. I love the cultural night so much. It was really interesting to build up new knowledge of other cultures from every country that represented by us. It was an honor for me to watch and represent it also from what I know about my country. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia in case if you’re wondering. I and the other Indonesian kids were performing ‘Tanah Air’ song and a lil’ part of Saman dance which is one of the traditional dance from Aceh and we were wearing our traditional clothing; kebaya and batik. There are many other cultures that can be shown by our country. We have around 13.000 islands in Indonesia, and every separate part of places here has their own uniqueness that can be called as cultures.  We were proud to show a glimpse of Indonesia to everybody in the dining hall, even though we hadn’t had enough practice that made us sang 2 pitches higher than it supposed to and did Saman in an instant way; we still had an awesome night. That night was amazing; it felt like I saw the colorful, indescribable beauty of diversity. Every country has their own greatness that made us all proud and amaze with what we really actually have on this world that we live in, the differences that we have are actually the one who drew us together into one.