Just Keep Swimming

We spent almost a day in Queenscliff, Victoria studied in the Marine Discovery Centre. We saw many marine organisms, they were so unique. There were these touch pool filled with the marine living things that can be touched. Because they’re harmless, of course I didn’t want to miss it, so I touched the star fish, shark egg case, some different snails and crab. After that we had our packed lunch on the deck with the reservoir view. Before we went back to the Trinity we went to the beach and did a little experiment with the sand. We learnt about sand dunes, why they have been preserved, their function, how the nature built them, how the sand dunes affect their surroundings, the feature difference between the one that close to the beach and the further one.

After a long day we went back to Trinity. We didn’t have anything to do that night, we had casual activities, so we could do anything we wanted. Some of us wanted to eat noodle in the town and the mentor agreed to take us out at around 8. While I was waiting for the noodle time, I played footie with my two friends and the others played soccer or just sitting around or maybe spent their free time in their room. There was something happened though, ow I’m sure the few people who saw this happened must have been remembered every detail. Here it is… When I played footie, (well I didn’t actually playing it, I only learnt how to kick and how to catch it) one of my friends yelled, “Icha I’m going to tackle you!” and it made me instantly burst into laugh and started to run to avoid her and o yea girl if you’re reading this, I want you and the other guy to know that I will never ever forget this moment and of course I love you. Hahaha. Anyway, while I’m running and laughing at the same time, one of the mentors said, “Watch out!” which made me ran even faster without stopping, cause I thought if I kept running I would miss the ball, cause there was no way the ball would catch me that far, then suddenly, something really hard hit directly on the back of my head which made me stopped that very second. The next thing I knew everybody already burst into laugh, including me, and I saw the mentor was coming over to make sure I was fine, but it was clearly not sincere cause he was also laughing at me and that guy who had kicked the ball was already on the ground laughing and I yelled at him that I hate him, which wasn’t true at all, cause we have become good friends, right? And if you’re reading this too you know I’m talking about you. 😉 Yea I guess that’s the way we spent our evening till the clock showed the time to go to get some noodleeee. After we ate, we went back and went to bed and boosted our energy for the next day activities.


Laugh Out Loud

She was spinning on the ice and made all of our mouth hanged open. She looked so graceful; yea she is the figure skater, she even did that spinning thing so close in front of me, made me froze for a while in awe and didn’t want to move, afraid her blade would slice my skin open. She was one of the students in our program, the summer school. It was so cool. I always wanted to be a figure skater, cause I like skating. I can skate, but only if I keep moving forward, not the opposite, let alone spin.  After skating, we continued our shopping that we did before skating afterwards around Docklands. In the end of the day we spent our Sunday night watching movies. There were 3 places that played different movies at the same time. I chose to watch in the Buzzard Theatre, cause they were playing the knights tale movie and I had never watched that movie before. For the result I love the movie, everyone does. The movie night didn’t end yet, there were one movie left, so I decided to stay, the second movie was Zoolander, it was stupid, but well, hilarious. After that one what we did next is……zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Fly Fly Away

The wind played with us. It blew so hard, I almost flew away. It seems like they were dancing, giggling and trying to pull us to their little party. I wouldn’t mind to join them if I could, but my skin was so cold, I was freezing. I stood up between the spaces in the rail and let the wind touched my face and let it blew my hair. The scenery was so beautiful, I didn’t want to close my eyes; afraid I would miss a thing. The wind made so much noises as if they were singing with the sound of the waves crushing the rocks and it seems all the sea gulls didn’t want to get left behind, they were everywhere greeting us. My eyes kept looking and searching for the seals, but I couldn’t find any, so I let myself stood there for another couple minutes until my ears and head started to ache, then with so much effort I let go of the view and I walked up to the Nobbies Centre. We were all in the Philip Island to spend our weekend together. Before this, we went to the chocolate factory, which to me it looks more like a chocolate store cause out of my expectation, we didn’t see the process of chocolate making, instead, we bought a lot of chocolates in that place, so Chocolate Factory is a really good name to draw all the buyers to come. I thought it was going to be like in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, which I knew it’s impossible, but well it was not my fault if I had wild imagination on my noodles up here. Anyway, after we went to this so called chocolate factory we went to the Nobbies Centre, the place when I was fooling around with the wind and then after that we went to walk around near the beach. We were supposed to swim that day, but the weather didn’t seem too happy with the idea, so it send the wind instead and kept us stay away from the water. Even though we couldn’t swim, it didn’t mean we weren’t having fun, so we just walked around and carried our lunch packed filled the same thing as ever. While I was eating my sandwich, my friend screamed because a sea gull took away her sandwich. Suddenly so many sea gulls came and ate her sandwich. Because I had never seen things like that, I took photos of them gathered around the sandwich, then out of nowhere something touched my head and the next thing later my sandwich was also gone… Hmm well what could I do, the sea gulls like to piss us out, but now I still think they are awesome.

Just Put a Smile

I’m getting buffer, for God sake I’m a girl. My hands kept grab the rock and pulled all my weight to the higher rock, while my mind kept saying the first sentence hahahaha. Well, that was not actually what I had in mind, I loooooove wall climbing. It was my first time I did it, again another new thing that I got to do. We were doing indoor wall climbing after another leadership project session we had to do after breakfast. We brought our awful packed lunch, no offense, but I just didn’t like it. It was not that bad, there were some food that I like too like the fruit and the fruit cake. We always had sandwich in our paper bag and I was not really into it, but I didn’t think that much cause I was hungry after climbing. To do wall climbing we needed 2 other people to pull the left over rope to keep the climbers from falling. The two people were big deals, they play big parts in this thing, so make sure you pick the right person, thankfully I did. It was good for us. It built trust between each other.  It was tiring; I think my arm was getting bigger, because all of the muscles work.

When we got back to Trinity we did group photograph. We were all gathered on the bul (the wide green field in Trinity College) jostle with one another, so we could be fit into a big bundle of red (from the red shirts that we were wearing), except for the mentors, they were wearing black shirts. The result was satisfying, we were all look happy, and I think that’s all what we need for a perfect photo. After that, we had another lecture; well it was not really a lecture. It was about gender and cultural narratives. So interesting, it made me think about the issue from other perspectives. Before this lecture I didn’t even bother to think about that, it was worth considering. Later that night there were Trinity’s got talent night. Anyone could perform their talents, anything. There were singing, dancing, playing music and even doing magic, it was awesome. When I went to bed, there was another smile on my face that was so hard to manage. I was too happy…


As always I began my morning with breakfast in my favorite dining hall. It was on 9th of December, that day our schedule were pretty tight. Our first activity was doing a geology lecture and workshop by Professor Stephen Gallagher in the first year Lab, McCoy building. We learnt about many things, and then we got to identified 7 specimens, whether there were fossils or not, based on the characteristic feature of each and every specimen.  After that we had lunch and continued with another lecture, it was the introduction to robotics by Darwin Lau in the Rivett Theatre, Redmond Barry Building. We weren’t playing with robots or something like that, at least not yet. What we were doing was getting the idea what is robotics means. As a human being I feel so smart after I heard a couple of explanation by the lecturer. Leadership project was the next thing we needed to do after a short break. Leadership project was a presentation that every group needed to make. Our group chose animal rights for the issue, then we picked Asian elephants as one of the endangered species. We did a lot of things to find everything related to our issue. We tried to collect all the evidence, facts, solution and other things and combined all of that with our thoughts and made the slides out of it to help us representing on the d-day.

After Dinner, we went to the Melbourne Uni Basketball Courts to do Bollywood dancing. It was great… hard, but still great. I never really tried this thing before, even though I was bad in every choreographic activities, I still enjoyed this. Everybody was jumping and shaking everywhere, trying to adjust their moves with the music. It was great for us, especially after a full day of lectures and leadership project we had, so it was kind of refreshing. At the end of the day I felt satisfied with everything. None of us felt left behind, we were all participate in everything and happy to do it. Guess that’s really what this program was trying to do. 

Do Re Mi

I went into the dimly lit dining hall, it turned into something different from the usual, there were balloons on top of us, fabric with stars pattern everywhere, colorful lights that intend to be the disco ball and other things that made the dining room transform into some kind of place that with just one look can draw people in. Every table that looks like the Hogwarts dining table was filled. Some of us dressed up for this occasion, our faces were painted with colorful star shapes, the mentors did some dressed up too they were like wearing hats, feather, glasses and stuffs.

We were all gathered there for our great karaoke night, each group had to sing a song. Every group brought their song with their own uniqueness. We were clapping, screaming, tapping our feet on the floor and dancing all the way through the night. Everyone seemed to enjoy the night, every lips were stretched as wide as they could be, that obviously showed the happiness they felt. After all the groups sang, there were couple of people who sang too and because we had too much fun, they extended the time until 22.50, but we could also watch glee in the Gourlay Basement if we wanted too. The rest chose to go to sleep instead. Now I’m the one who’s going to let myself curl up on my bed and let my spirit having fun in the dream world. Zzzz

O Yeaa

Hi, I’m during a break now. I just finished my lunch, it was good, I ate a hamburger, my apatite has finally comes back ever since I got here. O don’t take me wrong, I actually like all the food here, I think it’s because the weather, but no worries I’ve got it back, so I’m fine. The other thing that made me so hungry for today’s lunch was because we were taking the hip hop dance workshop before. It was fun, one of my favorite so far. The dance instructor was amazing, she made all of us dance, motivate us and give us more confidence. At first she gave us choreographic dance, and made us yelled ‘O yea’ like all the time, I’m happy to do it, then we got to do dance battle, made our own routines and even doing solo dance, we were actually doing it in the middle of the crowd and I love it. We didn’t care, if we dance awful, bad, hideous or other bad things that could happen to us, cause all we care was just to have fun, so yea I really enjoyed that workshop so much, she also teaches us a lil’ bit tips how to live, do what you wanna do… O yeaaa.

Color Blind

I woke up on my dorm bed,  it was 7  in the morning. I was actually set my alarm on 7.30, but I always wake up early, so I didn’t move a bit, I wrapped myself even more with my blanket and closed my eyes a lil’ while longer, until I heard my annoying alarm from my phone started to bug me because I set it to make it sound like a fire alarm, so it always makes me jump from my bed. Well, I had to do that to make it works and obviously it does.

Anyway, today we were having some lectures, it was great, I learned some things like patents, math, public speaking and stuffs, but I’m not going to tell all the contents of the lectures here, it would be awful if I had to be the one who explain it. I am more an outgoing person though, so it took a lot of effort to sit for a while, but thankfully the lecturers were great, so yea I could stay for a bit longer.

It’s great to have everything very organized, specially because of the mentors, they did a very good job, they are all nice and friendly. My group mentor name is Sam, he’s ok… naw, I’m joking he’s actually great and lot of fun and there’s another mentor named Hamish, I promised him to put his name in my blog, so there I put your name in, Hamish. Ok let’s get going… Actually he wanted me to write ‘Hamish is awesome,’ which is not at all hahahaha, kidding, he’s sooo awesome. Well, all the mentors are.

Let’s carry on; so the next exciting thing was we got to play amazing race, which I had been waiting for the first time I laid my eyes on the time-table. It was exciting, even though I kinda wished it could be a one day thing, so we could really did the adventure around Melbourne or maybe just the University of Melbourne, which I know it would be hard to organized cause some of us might get lost, so the amazing race around Trinity College was actually working for me. For the first clue it was written ‘silence is golden’ so we figured out it was the library. When we got there it was still locked, then we got scold by someone we didn’t know, because we were making lot of noises. In the Library one of us had to mesmerized 5 lines of sentence from a book called.. well I forget.  After we finished our first challenge in the first pit stop we got the second clue, the 3rd and so on until 9th. On every pit stop we had to do a challenge. The other challenges beside mesmerized words were eating the Vegemite sandwich in 60 seconds, cheering a tramp that drove passed through and we were like ‘This tramp is the best, it is better than the rest’ and we were screaming to take their attention as hard as we can. Then we got to arrange puzzle from weet bix carton for 60 seconds, that’s my part and I only finished the half of it, I was like panicked, but we got the other clue, so we’re ok. We got to pile up 5 granny smith apples, separate m&m’s per colours, do something with spaghetti and penne and others. Along the way we got penalty too, so we have to wait for another 5 minutes to do the challenge that we failed at first.  After we finish all of our challenges, we gave the rubbish that we were supposed to get to the two mentors in the common room, then we waited for the announcement in the dining room and all the groups were very excited and did some chant slogans from each group, we were like standing on the table, clap our hands and stuffs. In the end we’ve got the 5th place, it’s not so bad, everything was worth it, I enjoyed it so much, I got to run and sweating and that’s enough to make me happy for a day 🙂

Lucky Me

I was standing in the airport alone as a stranger. My big giraffe pattern luggage was there beside me, accompanied by my other smaller luggage. I looked really small, swallowed by all the swarming people passed through. Strangely I wasn’t scared at all…

Hey everybody, it has been awhile yea. I’m in Australia, Melbourne to be precise. It is really awesome here. Maybe you should know the beginning of this story first.


Dan Carter, the All Black’s fly half. He started all this beautiful mess, well not literally. I wrote about him on an essay writing competition, cause I’m a big fan of him. The price for the winner was 100% scholarship to get to the Trinity College’s summer school. I always wanted to go to Australia, any part of Australia, so I’m going to make sure that I’m not going to miss any chance to get there, well here for now. Unfortunately I’m lost, but luckily when they picked a name for a lucky draw, my name just came out, then I’ve got the 50% scholarship to the summer school.

The d-day came. I was excited, but also nervous at the same time. I took a flight on 3rd of December from Jakarta to Sydney then I got transit to Melbourne. It was a very long and tiring flight, but well this is what I want, so I can’t complain. I don’t care to be alone, this is a one lifetime opportunity. I just couldn’t miss it. There are many interesting things happen to me on my way to Melbourne, it’s a long story so we can pass that.

From the airport I got straight to Trinity college I arrived on 4th of December, it was a day before the summer school started. On that day there were only few people from us, only half of it I guess. At noon till night the mentors took us to the town and it was beautiful, well at least it’s different from where I came from. I get to know people from other countries too, it’s amazing, and they surprisingly nice and because I came alone I just knocked on someone’s door and tag along. O yea I almost forgot, the next lucky thing that I’ve got is I get to stay in a modern dorm room, which I really comfortable with. I mean not all the room looks like mine, cause in my room I have fan, sink and a working fridge, so yea I am one lucky girl.

On the fifth of December, other students started to swarming in and filled trinity with so many people and cultures from around the world, mostly Asia, but still I was soooo happy. then around 3 we played games, mini games in group, so we can get along with each other more, that was fun. The Trinity College filled with laughter and excitement from us, it was beautiful and on the night later on there was an opening party, with mexican theme, it was so cool, everybody dressed mexican, we ate mexican food, we got paired with another participant to find some answers from the questions on a piece of paper that the mentors gave us, thankfully my partner is very kind, there were pinnatas too and at the end we got to do limbo and macarena dance. After that we were just chillin out then went to bed, and when I went to my room, my roommate already arrived, I was waiting for her. I was glad to see her.

On the 6th of December which is today, we gotta separate into groups based on what world are we studying, well I got the Outer world. The mentors took us to the trinity college and university tour, which I enjoyed so much. After that we went lunch, then we were doing team skilling, it was nice, we got to dance, made creative sentence, made an art work and so on. Then we got to choose an issue for our group project. After we all made our decision we had free times, then we all gathered in the dining room to play some trivia games, it was fun too, but we were all so tired so yea our eyes were like half-open, but over all it was great. That’s it for now. I’ll write again tomorrow, if I can still hold myself together and not passed out… Kidding, see ya soon 🙂