Out of The Odds

turimetta beach narrabeen sydney nsw australiaTurimetta Beach Narrabeen Sydney NSW Australia, Photo by Pavel Sigarteu

On the empty beach that open wide in front of my eyes, the sand lay there smoothly. The sun started to appear on the horizon, it looks like it just woke from a deep sleep under the sea. I closed my eyes and opened all my senses to my surroundings. My feet stood on the border between the wet sand and the water that tickling my skin. I didn’t want to move even an inch, I wanted to be in that situation a little while longer.

Something smooth hit my feet and cause me to open my eyes. There was a beautiful shell stuck between my two feet. I bended toward it and I held the shell. It was not an ordinary shell at all, it was white with smooth surface that make it became so irresistible to be touched with artistic carving over the edge of the shell. It was pretty big and it surprised me when it opened its mouth and suddenly out of nowhere appeared 2 fairies dancing with thing like pixie dust swarming around it as if it was dancing with the fairies too. At first I thought it was real, but then my vision ruined it all. I realize it was something that looked like a hologram. It was a magical music shell, at least that’s what I think it is, cause there were music came out of it. Oddly, I didn’t flinch at all. I wasn’t in shocked, I acted as if it happened in my everyday life. Yet my surroundings felt warmer, giving me a pleasant feeling, it was so good, it was actually scared me because I was afraid the feeling will slips anytime. The birds tweet louder and made some kind of beautiful sound and with the sound of the wave they made some beautiful melody. Everything made me very calm, even my vision turned smoother. Then came a soothing sound that crawl into my ear. Someone was singing, I shudder a bit because of the beautiful voice. I seek for the voice, it came from the rock that stand firmly not far from where I stood. There was a beautiful woman with her long golden hair fall loosely on her back. She was the source of the singing voice. She was sitting on the rock. I came closer to make a good look to the woman and when I came close enough, I saw her ‘suppose’ to be feet weren’t feet at all because she’s actually a mermaid. I didn’t know what’s wrong with me, I knew it was weird, but I acted differently, out of my control I raised my hand and waved at her like we had been friends ever since. She waved back. Her smile gave me comfort, she said something to me, but my brain couldn’t interpret it. So I just stood there unmoved, she seemed understand and living me lost in my mind. She started to sing again. It was weird we didn’t talk, but it was not awkward at all. I enjoy every second, my hands still clutching the music shell. Dolphin came into view, they were swimming in the sea and jumped to the surface as if they welcomed me there.

I let myself in to the water, I walked slowly. The water was warm. It was dragging me closer into the middle and when my head was actually under the water, I could see clearly without bothering my eyes and I simply breath, the air that got into my nose felt really thick, even though it was odd, but then again I didn’t make a big deal out of it. I walked deeper and deeper and when I felt far enough from the shore I saw underwater castle like in the “Little Mermaid” movie. Around the castle there were mermaids swimming, busy with their activities. Suddenly the music shell felt moving under my hand and startled me. I took a look at the shell and it opened, but this time I didn’t see any fairies, all I saw was a light that pulling me into the shell, I was shrinking. I closed my eyes for a long time. When I was sure that I already settle, I opened my eyes and found myself sitting in my car filled with music that played from my favorite cd. Then, came something throbbing from my stomach all the way through my throat that giving me an agonizing feeling, out of my conscious, my nose clogged and my face swollen and wet with my tears. I lost it, I lost something important but I didn’t know what, I didn’t remember anything, all I know I only felt like crap…


Super Hero or super Villain?

Interesting part from the series…

Hey unfair world! Don’t we get a little lesson from the little part of the batman series above? I have never felt this glad to be alive in this ignorant life. To feel thrown away, misgivings and other unpleasant feelings, aren’t that kinda things that make us stronger and meaner… The more we put ourselves as super villains, the more we survive in this era. Look around! when people do something bad and wrong no one seems to care, they’re suffering because of the bad guys, but they choose to ignore them anyway and let themselves disappear slowly, while the good guy trying to do good deeds, but instead of bring out the goods to the world to be less violent, they actually fall into misery. Yes we’re living in the upside down world.

Of course I’m not glad, I’m actually furious. I was only being sarcastic. Don’t you all agree about what I thought. This all are the reasons why I don’t want to grow up, so I can only see the pretty sides of this world. I don’t want to be naive, but I don’t want to be a bad guy either, I’m actually wanting myself to take the super hero part, but in the real life I rarely see the happy ending in their life. Actually life is more like a wheel that always spinning, sometimes the side that we’re at is on top, but sometimes we’re at the lowest bottom of the wheel too. I always try my best to be always good and always look to my back, in case some daemon in disguise is trying to stab me from the back. When can I live in a peaceful life? hmm well I think it’s never going to happen, but now nothing matter, I got used to it anyway. If I’m tired I stay at home looking for safety and trying to boot and prepare my energy to face the cruel world again.

This life is like a role play, every living soul takes their part on this world that filled with drama. Sometimes the actors or actresses wear their masks and fool others with their act, unique right? Whether you realized it and just play with them or you really flow with the act and fall to their grip, who knows? It’s a good lesson not to trust anyone, but don’t pull yourself either and don’t avoid those things, face it, enjoy it, except if it’s endangered yourselves then let it go and walk away. It’s good for us to try to fix the bad acts, cause everybody wants to watch a good role play right? then play in it with every effort you have. But what’s important is the audience love happy ending, so why don’t we give them satisfaction. In the end we’re the one who’s going to get the standing ovations that make us smiling and feel everything we did is worth awhile. We’re actually the one who decide to be the person we wannabe. I hope my writings make y’all understand cause all I’m saying is don’t be scared to be the super heroes, just don’t be weak, I believe we can make a change and minimize the bad around us even though it’s kinda impossible to fully disappeared, give the world a little favor; don’t let anything to bring the bad out of you. I know we all have the same destination and that is living in a convenient and fair life.