What’s Your Alter Ego?

C3P0 meets his alter-ego, photo by: Axel Bührmann

‘The other I’ it’s the meaning of Alter Ego. Ever heard of it? Sounds interesting aye? As usual I like to dive into the bottom of unique things and this topic really pulled me deeper and deeper. Alter ego can be said as a dissociative identity disorder, they have a double life, at least that was what psychologists said at first. Other examples are super heroes, they have major alter ego, like Robert Bruce Banner for instance, he really needs to work on his temper from his other personalities, you know when he turned into a big greenish muscle dude called hulk, but in this post I’m only going to discuss smaller alter ego, it means it’s the kind of alter ego that we see, we feel and experienced everyday. How come?

Let’s talk about us, there are certain times we act differently, but not from the usual, cause our different act was actually our other usual, get it? Sometimes we can be so childish or mature or emotional or temperamental and maybe cocky. We can be a completely different person, but still ourselves. The differences are in the way we talk, the way we move, the way we sound, our expressions, our body languages and it can be changed any time and uniquely, it was outside our conscious. People usually do stuffs like that right? personally, as far as I’m concerned it’s not freak, cause people around me doesn’t really bother with my random acts. But of course every people in this world are different, they have their own things that described them the best. Not all of the alter ego mentally bothered, it was just the way they roll or maybe the way they adapt. It described teenagers, which are in the labile state and trying to find who they really are, but adult have “small” alter ego too. Alter ego can happen to people based on whom they talk to. They act and said with a different attitude to a different person, but remember to be a principal person it’s ok to act differently, just don’t lose your true self.

What’s other interesting thing is the fact about a writer. Have you ever noticed in some novels with the same writer, they usually have similar tones for the main characters and appears the same pattern of behavior. Even though they don’t exactly the same, but it’s actually mirrored part of the writer him/herself. That’s the way some of the writers described their “character’s” emotion or act and as a result it became their masterpieces to be enjoyed by the readers. Alter ego also happen with actors and actresses. What we saw it’s not actually who they really are. Or maybe it could be who they really are, but who knows.

In my case, my friends once said that I have my own alter ego, it shows when I’m on the field playing rugby, usually everything about me changes in all of a sudden, if people called me friendly, on the field there are no words describe me close to it. Even my face changed, they say I have this tough, offensively game face, but right after the game finished, I usually come back to my hyper active and bubbly self. It’s like I’m changing 180 degree in small amount of time… So what’s your alter ego? do you have one?