Me, Myself and I

I am an eagle
cause I see my surroundings through my pierce eyes
I am a snake
cause I can be flexible
I am a dog
cause I listen
I am a cheetah
cause I can be fast
I am a shark
cause I can be dangerous
I am a butterfly
cause unique is me with my own color
I am a lion
cause the king I am of my own


I am me
I am The God’s creature
I am myself
I am a human being


Sandy Monday

It was an ordinary monday. Me sitting in front of my laptop was enjoying the day, with the soft sound of my favorite songs filling my cold dark room, forcing me to keep myself locked unmoving right where I stayed. The weather outside even singing by the drizzle that giving monotonous tune with my songs. My heart, dancing slowly inside me. I had plan for that day, yes I did. I wanted to go to play beach rugby for later that night, which I didn’t know how to get there (Senayan).

Out of nowhere in my calm, but confusing situation my evil nemesis offered a ride to go to Senayan, I didn’t wanna missed anything involved with rugby, so I took that offer happily. On the way to Senayan, we picked up Ditya in her house then we went straight to our destination. I’ve been waiting to try this beach rugby ever since, cause I can’t stand to do nothing, it made me passive and it was bad for me. We got there on time before adzan. There were just the three of us. No one came yet and the lights were still off. I had never been there before or maybe I just never took any notice that there were sand fields on Senayan. I was so excited, so I put my bare feet on the surface of the sand one by one, It tingled my feet. It had been a while, since I played on the sand. I walked on it slowly like a baby learning how to walk, while my nemesis already running around with a ball and Ditya just stay outside the sand box. She couldn’t play that day cause she was not in a good condition, but I succeed to force her to get into the box with me. Not long, the others started to come, and this was the good part: at first we didn’t bring any rugby ball. Great huh? I was being dramatically sarcastic. Ok, so two of our friends were bringing the ball so we could play anyway. While waiting till the lights on, I was twirling around, singing and Ditya made a sand castle (at least that was what she meant to build.

Itwas still drizzle a little bit, I think it hold the others intention to come, but it was their lost, cause it turned out to be one hell of a night, even though we only played with one sight light. The light was bright though, so we didn’t mind. It was heavier to run on the sand than on the hard ground. In short times we all could be gasping for air and our heart galloping like one crazy horse. My feet felt like sinking in the sand and I have to pull it out and sink it again and pull it again and so on. We played rugby touch and there were 4 people in each team, but then there were more additions so it become 5 for each team. For the first team who got 5 tries won, then we stopped playing to take rest, and we started again for another round after a couple of minutes. It was exhausting and I didn’t know why people kept doing knock on like all the time, I guess we just couldn’t hold the oval ball correctly, because our mind was just messing up with us. After the second round we took a rest and when we looked at each other there were smoke vaporized from our bodies, cool right? It must be because the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of human bodies, which I don’t know why I’m starting to talk scientifically. Well, back to rugby. We played for the 3rd round and almost called it the last, because most of us couldn’t make it for another hour, but then there was one last-minute person who came and we intended to play for another half an hour, in the end we stopped for a very short 4th round, cause we just didn’t give our best efforts, we were too tired. To sum up I did 5 tries yeeeeiii, which the two of them I got it on purpose, I mean the other team just let me did it, still, I’m happy.

After we all hit the shower, we went to ‘sate khas senayan, but we didn’t actually eat there, we ate at ‘pedagang kaki lima’ instead. After we had been fulled, we went home. I was sleeping almost all the way. As I got home, I hit another shower then burst into my room and set it to the way I used too. Back hibernating till sahur with musics playing, bringing me into deep comfy sleep…

Yea, Life Is That Simple

“Let’s face it, if this thing goes down in the water more than likely the impact will kill you. Please take a moment to locate the nearest emergency exit, because if this plane on fire you gonna wanna get out quick,” hahahahahahaha I love Parker. When I grow up I wanna be an emotionless, expressionless Robin Hood modern version like her (If that’s possible) LOL.

The Beginning of Something Special

Hey, Do you know the story of Twilight Saga about the werewolves? They’re actually exist because naturally it just happens in their blood line if their nemesis became a great deal, I mean they’re getting a lot to handle, so automatically, someone will snap turning into a big hairy dog to protect their territory. In the pack, the werewolves can actually doing telepathy like all the time, they can even read each others mind which it makes no privacy between them.

The reason I wrote about the ware wolves is because… I want to tell y’all that I myself is becoming one and it’s not just happening to me, my other friends are changing too (scream dramatically). This transformation has been hard for us, but now we’re getting used to it and we starting to enjoy it…

I’m imagining stuff again, bad me. There’s something to clear out though, not all of that story I wrote above were piece of crap, there’s something about it that actually happen to us. Us? who’s us? Ok, here’s the real story, about months ago I was entering the whole new world, rugby world. Actually I have played rugby for over a year, but the big effect just touched my soul a couple of months ago. I have joined Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club. At first my two friends (Ditya and Ima) and I were the only and first women who train in that club, but the next time I went to practice, there were another more, swarming up in Simprug. After a while we’ve been trained together, there’s an invisible bond between us, the senior said it was brotherhood or in my case its called sisterhood.

Last sunday on 5th of August the Banteng juniors held a breakfasting event in Izzi Pizza Kemang. I came at 5 p.m, dropped off in front of Izzi by my brother and his friend. I went too early, cause my brother didn’t want to get trap in traffic jam. For a couple of minutes I was alone, sitting on the long table for 15. Great huh? Then Ditya came in, yeeeiiiii I was so glad, finally I didn’t have to be a pathetic lost girl with a pair of red clown shoes which I really like by the way. We choose Izzi Pizza because we got 75% discount, if there were 10 person that buy minimal 1 main course each, and because we’re some amateur high school kids who don’t have enough money in our pockets, so why not, we could eat like monsters without being washed out. After Ditya, Ima came, dropped off by her little brother, then the rest came too and join the starving pack. When the adzan reverberated, there were only 7 of us (Me, Ima, Ditya, Kucluk, Mayaa, Ari Yudha, Dita) plus Ditya’s mom and brother, the other just couldn’t make it, they have their own things. It was fun, we have different interests, but from all of our differences, rugby brings us together, so over all we enjoyed the gathering. There’s something going on around us, I don’t know what, but it was nice, I think the bond was tightened between us, the new ones.

In the middle of what’s going on, we still needed one more person, so we could get our 75% discount, we called some people in our contacts to come, just to eat one main course, yeah we really in the desperate needed of one human being. Some of the junior just couldn’t come, because there were traffic everywhere in that time of day. Then we also called some of the other senior bantengs, but it was useless too, they’re have their own concerns. It was funny though, we were busy calling everybody and laughing at the same time, so it was exhausting. We asked Gori to come, but he didn’t know the way to Kemang, we asked Tio too, but he just caught himself stucked in Radio Dalam and decided to turn back. Boy, I am so hungry I couldn’t stop eating, I knew I needed a lot of water, so Ima and I went to the nearest Circle K to buy drinks, well I was normal to buy a water bottle, but Ima? I have no idea why she bought another coke, even though she already drink it in Izzi Pizza. After that we got back to our pack. Suddenly I really really needed to go to the bathroom, so I rushed my way to it with my friend, but when I got there, I saw a mom with her son standing fully naked on top of the sink, I was too busy with my own bladder, so I ignore them, even though his mom was giving me her weird awkward smile. I opened the first stall and when I opened the closing of the water closet, I screamed and ran out. my friend was coming out too from the other stall, then I said to her that there was puke in the water closet, a very abstract looking puke, eeewww. She told me there was poop in the other stall, more eeewwww. I was so desperate to pee or something horrible might happened in that very second. My friend snap with a very well great idea, she gave an idea for us to go across the ladies bathroom, it was the gents bathroom. Hmm… yeah… wow… weird. Thank goodness we were alone, nobody was there, so we took a turn, I went first, while Ditya was guarding the door for me, then we switched turn, luckily there was no one came, so Ditya and I didn’t have to feel ashamed.

We backed on our seat laughing. As soon as we settled on our chairs we told the others what just happened to us, but of course we still have bigger problem: the 10th person. Because we were hopeless, I called my brother and offered him to eat some more, and I would pay for him and his friend too. He accept my offering, daa off course, I was the one who paid it. Ok problem solve, so I ordered him and his friend a regular sized pizza. Then we found out that we didn’t actually needed the 10th person, we only needed to order 10 main courses, oops our bad. In that small time of waiting we all just chatting and laughing again, then the waitress came and said we still needed to order one more, then I just said that we already had 10 main courses, then she gave us the list. That time was Kucluk fault, he didn’t actually ordered a main course, he actually ordered an appetizer, which forced us to ordered some more, ugh no more for me though. Not long, my brother and his friend came and eat their pizza, until there were no more left, it was weird, I thought they were just eat in another place before they went to pick me up. When I asked later, they said, they didn’t get enough food, so I was giving them a big favor then. I was doing another good deed, even though I forgot to bring money, so I borrowed my brother’s first, embarrassing, I know. Anyway, we had done it for a day, so we took one last picture of us and went home.

That night was something, I know it, we weren’t come as a full pack, but half pack could have done it too, it was the beginning of something special between us people with one purpose, to develop Indonesian rugby, and we love to do it. We know our opponent are getting better and better so, we’ve been called by destiny (I think) to be a pack who shared one hell of a mind…

Hugs and Kisses For My XOXO

Ramadhan is a very special month, yes, we don’t eat in day light. We pray and doing good deeds, so our fasting won’t be worthless. Do you know what’s more special in Ramadhan? We all like to gather with friends, the old and the new one, family, the closest to the farthest, even strangers for break fasting. It sort of reunion, yea something like that. It’s exciting, even though it makes my wallet getting more and more thinner. So my lovely 9 best friends came up with this bright idea: We were going to held break fasting event in Adhinka’s house by bringing foods every each one of us, it means there would be 10 different foods, right? hmm imagine it. We had been waiting for the last two weeks, or maybe more weeks for our special event.

In the morning on the 3rd of August I woke with a big smile on my face, but remembering that I was going to do Try Out in my ‘bimbel’ it pissed me off a lil’ bit. I did the Try-Out with my other friends, then we went to Arum’s house to take the pudding for our later break fasting. There, we played with her cat named Lady, which look like her master LOL, joking rum, love you. After that We went to my house using Kiky’s car. From my house we took ‘Kerang Ijo Saos Padang’ for one of our main course made by Kak Virta. It was a very big amount of it, she cooked it for us until 3 kg of kerang ijo. After that, we continued the journey to Kiky’s house, but before that, we picked up Kiky’s sister from her english course first, and the road was starting to full up with vehicles, that suddenly made me a little nausea. Anyway, in Kiky’s house we didn’t do lot of things, we just pray, cause we really had to hurry.

On the way to Adhinka’s house there had been an enormous annoying traffic jam, and our stomachs started growling specially with foods on our laps, and unfortunately it was almost time to break fasting, but thankfully Kiky already prepared to bring drinks, so I had been saved. After quite a long time we finally arrived. Besides us, Dania and Tasya already came. They both were watching the ‘Homecoming surprise mix’ video that I already posted in the my last post and yea same thing happen to Tasya, she burst into tears too just like me. Then there was something that really caught my eyes, there were cats. 4 Cats, 4 adorable Cats!!!

See, believe me? and no they’re not on sale, they’re Adhinka’s. I tried to put them in my bag once, but I failed. Ok not long after the three of us arrived, Hanina, Dinda and Kaka went in to Adhinka’s door and Hanina actually drive her car by herself, it’s actually normal considering what age we’re in. She already has her driving license anyway, but still it’s cool. It was already the 9 of us in Adhinka’s house, but we still waited for our lovely Terry to come. When we waited for her we were circling Adhinka’s dining table, looking at the foods ready to lay hands to any food within our reached, then Terry finally arrived. Clanging sound from the plates, spoon, forks and other things that I have no idea what, was filling the dining room. Our laughter was also carry to our ears, I really like the sound of it. Then we started eating in the living room sitting on the carpet and get too comfortable. After that we’re all spending time sharing stories that made us wanted to laugh our heart out. It was a good time, and suddenly when we wanted to take a picture, Kaka screamed terry’s name over and over again, with her abstract face and men liked voice that made us burst into another hard laugh, it was adhinka’s cat that Teyi held beside Kaka that made her screamed like that, she doesn’t like cats, she really hade it and when she did that hilarious thing, she actually made Tasya jumped from her sit beside her and laughing uncontrollably across the room.  O yea there’s this pillows that showed Adhinka’s old times photo that made us laugh again, even though we had seen it before, but it will never wears off, we forced her to take a picture just like on the pillow, with her handling it.

Cute aye? hahaha (no offense Dhin). You’re beautiful honey.

Then Hanina made us hearing horror story from prambors website called Vivienne and made Dinda freak out and going crazy every time Teyi scared her. Dinda actually ran off living Dhinka alone after Dhinka said that it was a little scary cause the room was dark. I have no idea what was inside the child’s brain.

We moved to Adhinka’s room upstairs while Adhinka’s family using the living room to Taraweh. In Adhinka’s room we settled ourselves on her bed, while Dania and Hanina taking lot of pictures of themselves. After a while, we started to share our stories again, this time the stories was a lil’ bit sad. I guess that’s what friends are for, to be there whenever you needed them, we give advise, we calm our friends, we hug each other, giving support and of course we listen, but there’s one thing confused me in that moment, I still have no idea what Hanina actually doing??? LOL, see the picture!


In the end we shared funny stories again, the stories about the acts of our brothers and sisters. Time went so fast, again, every fun things that we enjoy to do must have been passed so fast, I wish I can stay a little while longer with them, but I had to get going, so I went home. Hanina went home too with Arum accompanied her. There it goes another beautiful day in my life and the best of all was: we were all there, it’s seldom happen, cause usually one of us just couldn’t come to one of our events, because she had been busy doing other stuffs, well sadly most of the time it was me, I’m sorry Viviennes you know I love you guys so badly. <img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-101″ title=”

Long Wednesday

Have you ever felt tired, satisfied, happy, sad, pissed off and excited in one day? I did. First thing first, in that beautiful morning when I arrived in front of my school gate, one of the 10th graders didn’t bring her headscarf, and guess what! So was I. Ok, she got scolded by that freakish teacher, and I acted so stupid, I was suppose to ignore him and got in to the building before he noticed, but instead of doing that bright act, I stopped and giving myself up dumbfounded in front of him, I tried to explain (lie) by saying that my veil was borrowed by my friend the other day, but he didn’t buy it, actually he didn’t hear it, he thought I was defending the 10th grader, he didn’t even notice anything missing from the view, but again I don’t understand what the hell was I thinking, I was confused by his reaction, so I stood there looking weird in front of him, but then suddenly someone pushed me and when I looked back, it was my other teacher, hmm unexpected, he looked annoyed as if he was trying to say “hurry up already, what are you doin standing there, he’s wasting your time, ignore him, he’s not exist darn it.” Then I walk in to my class. What a good way to open a day right?

I always look messy, with my hair jutting everywhere, sleepy eyes, sink with all of my stuffs crossing the school ground as if I never intend to go to school, well it’s actually true. But there’s one thing that gave colors on my aura that day, it was rugby. I already packed all my rugby equipments for the later night training, which I left it in my car, so I didn’t have to carry it everywhere with me. Ooo, maybe because I don’t want to left anything important for the rugby training, I was forgetting my headscarf instead. it was not important though no teacher care about it anyway. Ok, so I tried to make everything excited, because there’s something motivated me back then, but instead of feeling happy, what I felt is a very long lasting time that would never end, it was agonizing people. Thank god the school bell rang signified the end of the school time. I rushed my way out from the school with my fellow rugger, we share the same faith, because we both suffer from the so called rugby fever. We were using our smallest opportunity to practice in Simprug. We went to my car and got out from my car in Arteri, then we walked to her (my fellow rugger) house. I slept in her bedroom to recharge my energy for the night and let myself swam in my dream. When I woke up it was raining, so we waited for a little while longer cause we needed to walk to school again, to be picked up by our other friend to go to Simprug. We completely ignore the fact that we would be thirsty cause we were fasting. As long as we could make it to training, it was ok, whatever it takes. The rain stopped, we were making our way to school, and boy my bag was waaay too heavy, I didn’t know what was in that bag… Wait a minute maybe I accidentally put some food from my friend’s refrigerator, hmm no need to worry hahaha kidding, I actually didn’t bring any food or drink at all, then what? maybe it was my shoes. Is it made of heavy metals like iron, or maybe unknown matters that hasn’t been discovered yet, but someone put it in my shoes on purpose? ok stop imagining stuffs. Sorry it was not important, I just like to bring many things so I wouldn’t have to be a lost child without my minyak telon and stuffs :p. Anyway, as we arrived at school, there was too many people, even though it was already 5 p.m. Who cares right? All we care was food, we needed it for break fasting later that evening, then we decided to go to Circle K, and I got myself a mouth watering chicken salad sandwich and 1 1/5 L water, then when we went out from the market, our other friend already came so we picked up our bags and hopped in his car.

The great sound of Adzan reverberating in my friend’s car and ow how pleased I felt when the fresh water flew in my throat and the mouth watering sandwich filled my empty stomach. In Simprug we went to pray and went to the bench and waited until 7 p.m, then we started the training with playing rugby touch, we played touch longer then the usual, maybe to increased the stamina for the preparation of the Bali 10′s that will be held about 5 weeks from now, even though I’m not going. At first, I was a little disappointed with myself when I played, cause I lost a lot of times to touch my opponent, but I fixed that later on. I was happy cause we used full field, not only the half of it. After that we were practicing quick passed and stuffs, which I just realized that I was doing it wrong, cause I usually hugged the ball after I catch it and it made me hard to do the quick pass, even though there was one time (maybe more), I passed it good, but that’s it, I still unsatisfied. I know I have to work out on my passing. After we do lot of things, they started to practice ruck, but my friend and I passed that part cause we were the only girls that day, even though most of the guys said it was ok, but naw we just uncomfortable. Actually we really really really wanted to, but we decided to separate ourselves. We did a couple set of running and long passing (not really long actually) that will help our reflex when we’ve got the ball. We were accompanied by one of the guys. I did pretty good, well I love running, so… After that I asked to him to teach us how to do quick pass, then he taught us some tricks, and we tried it, it was my first time so I didn’t prevail it yet, but I kept trying and I’ve done better, even though, I still needed to work more on that. Maybe because I used to be wing, I solemnly did some quick passing, I just catch it and bring it to the try line and score tries, but I love doing loop though, I really like it. Well just see people I’ll improve my skill and everybody can stand still with awe because seeing me play hahahaha. But seriously I’ll do that. The training was over, it felt so fast. I’ve been waiting for the chance to train for long, but when I train it felt so fast, so I have to wait for the next training. I can’t come to practice every week cause I still have school for the next day.

We cleaned ourselves and waited for a while and used the little time for studying japan, cause we were going to have 2 tests for the next day. After that we went to my nemesis car, while we crossed the field I looked at the green grass and trying to mesmerized everything about it, even the smell of it, so it can always stays in my mind until I come again for another training…