We’re not only a sketch

This is one of a sweet magical picture, full of memories, stories and emotion, can you feel it? But of course we’re not just a sketch of picture, we’re real as real as the pain you feel when you try to hit yourself with a baseball bat. Well I don’t need to tell who are this people who stand beside me, but what’s important is I care for them so badly. I know it’s weird we only know each other for only a year, we accidentally met in one interesting, well actually challenging condition, then we just hopped in without really thinking. Most of the people think we’re weird, but we don’t care. We became so close afterward, we didn’t even realized that it gave us an enormous effect until not long ago. When we were together there are so many things we could do, you can say that they were my partners in crime ;), we spent almost everyday together doing things we loved, even ran away from school. We are 4 people who have different personalities, one act so mature, wise, smart, the one to look up to, but sometimes he could be an ass because he likes to make fun of us, the other one act so funny, cute, adorable, irresistible to be punched, but sometimes he likes to make bad jokes too. The lovable one, I don’t have to show you which one right? I’m sure you can guess. she is so pretty, nice, sweet, girly with all of her pink stuffs, charismatic even though sometimes she miss use it, cause she capable of things like breaking the law hahaha (just kidding), but seriously beware of her, and sometimes she could be one stubborn lady too. And the last one, of course it’s me I’m a girl with the unpredictable personalities and some people just called me a freak, but I don’t care as long as I’m happy, and now I’ve been marked as a rugby girl. With all of our diversities we have found out that not only we love to spend time together, but we also share what we feel together, we always be there for each other, good times and bad times, we have always took care of each other ever since. But we’re not always doing mushy and cuddling stuffs, we’ve had our bad moments too, sometimes it can be really tense between us, but in the end without knowing it, we’re all can laughing at some jokes till we’re suffocating cause the lack of oxygen.

……… To be continued


Hey hey Try Rugby!

Hilarious aye? I like this video very much, but there’s something important that I have to plant it in all your brains “Even girls play rugby”. At least I play rugby 🙂

This Is Me

Hi, this is my first post. Well, for a starter I want to tell you readers about the title of my blog. As a big fan of novels, now I’m interest about mythology, at first I tried to find one of the greek goddesses name, but as you can see I’m not succeed at all, so I put ‘Incantation’ instead, fortunately it’s pretty much describe most of the things that happen in my life, so yea I really like the sound of it. And for the next syllables, it means rugby ball, not american football or something else. Rugby has come in to my life just like that without any warning, if you want to know more about what I really feel, you can see my first note about rugby on my Facebook, which I’m going to copy it to this blog later. Long story short, it has changed my life big time. In this blog I will tell you about my activities that related to rugby and its people, but of course I will add few stories or maybe even some stories about my life outside of rugby, so enjoy…..